Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th

It almost feels like spring has come and gone already since the spring bulbs bloomed so early this year.  I got the last of the annuals in the ground this week and planted a couple hanging pots for my deck.  I still have tulips in bloom in my yard, but they were planted very late and they are so delightful to watch.  Deep purple, lavender, pink, yellow and red.  I even have some narcissus that are just coming out.  I'm doing my best to exend the season a little while longer.  The paving project has begun and I'm out there watching to make sure they don't run over any of my flowers with their machinery.  The same residents that have been complaining about the condition of the roads are the first ones to complain about the inconvenience.  That's life I guess.

And life has gone on in my stamp room, slowly but surely.  Here is another card I put together.

I gave this to a lady yesterday that has been in chemo therapy for a few months and is really starting to wear on her.  The butterfly is cut with my cuddlebug and is two layers.  The vellum top layer is also embossed with CB.  Looks much prettier IRL with the butterfly being attached at the body and the wings free floating.


Tracy said...

Very pretty card. Very sweet of you to make it for her.

Sue McGettigan said...

Love the 2 layer butterfly and the white ink over the colored ink - very cool!