Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camping and Connecting with Old Friends

We went to Camano Island this weekend. The weather was perfect! Not too hot, not too cold. This may be our last trip this year, so I really enjoyed it.

Walter is enjoying his trips less and less these days. He really likes sleeping at night, because he gets to sleep with daddy. But he is too slow on his feet to walk on the beach, and can't see or hear well.

The flames really weren't consuming Skip, just a little special effects photography by Dave.

Is that the evil eye or what? We picked up Alexis on the way, and Skip came after work.

We played some games in the evening. Alexis and I here hard at it with "Can't Stop."

On Saturday we visited with Julie and Wendell Johnson and then went over to Dave and Lydia Jensen's. Julie and they took us over to Dave and Lydia's. We kind of figured it out and we haven't seen the Jensen's since 1997, just before they sold their place in Marysville and moved to Camano. Both families have beautiful homes. Wendell and Julie buildt theirs from ground up, as they did their home in Machias. Dave and Lydia remodeled their beautiful sound view home shown here. Well, you can see the view, but not really the home.

This is Randy Jensen's 12 y.0. daughter. Wow! I didn't look like that at 12.

Kristy (Johnson), our Christy's teenage best friend and her son. I had intended on putting a picture of Kristy and her daughter, but it would be out of place now. I will post it later.

I sleep so well in the trailer when we're camping. Even when there is noise, I still feel very rested in the morning. It was a very nice trip, with the exception of one small incident. We were woke up at around Midnight Saturday night with "Everybody out!!" and then someone running right passed our trailer and yelling "STOP POLICE! STOP POLICE! STOP POLICE!" all the way down the road. You could hear his shoes hitting the pavement as they ran buy. The last thing I was going to do was "come out." My mind was racing trying to figure out what was going on. We knew that there was about 3 carloads of teenage boys that were partying hardy when we went to sleep, so my first thought was that it was a prank. After they passed by, Dave had to get up to visit the little boys room. I didn't want him to leave. But he heard some talk about their being a fugitive that had been breaking in to houses in the area. Don't know if that was true or not, but pretty soon we heard the sirens, so knew something was up. Of course, by that time I couldn't stay put, I had to get up and see what was going on. The Rangers are now armed, and apparently they had found this guy in the bathroom, and that was why they were yelling "everybody out" referring to the bathroom, not the campers, thank heavens! By this time there were Island County Sheriff's dept there and they had the guy down on the ground in the fetal position. They started reading him his rights and about that time the fire engines came so we couldn't hear what he was arrested for. There were a couple females that were calming each other and the police were taking their reports so I am thinking they may have been in the bathroom when he came in... don't know. Hoping we can find out from our Camano friends just what happened. But the whole park was up and watching by this time too.

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