Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shake Down Trip

Out first official camping trip in our newly acquired trailer. Set up had a few challenges as we discovered different "personality flaws" in our new little home. Nothing that can't be overcome though, and nothing that caused too much consternation. They are "full size" beds, but I have to say that I don't think I want to share my full size with anyone else. Dave and Walter had this side in his new "king size" sleeping bag.
I preferred actual bedding and was so snuggly and slept so well that I was actually able to sleep past 6am (actually about 8am) for the first time in months.

I love the storage in this trailer. Between this compartment under the bed which is actually the one that you can access from outside, and the one under the coffee pot and the two under the sink, the only thing that had to go in the car was the generator (which we didn't have to use this time) and a few personal items. There is also storage under both of the seats.

We bought dry ice for the ice box and it kept the food so cold it was nearly frozen.

One of the little personality defects is the fact that the stove doesn't work. But we have our regular camp stove, so we were not without resources. I love the table that hooks to the side of the trailer.

The campground was not quite as I have been used to. It was packed full and being in the "water, power hook up" sites also puts you more in to the center of civilization.

I cooked my first meal in about 4 months. Actually this is my second, I also cooked breakfast. Being on Nutrisystems I don't cook any more, but found on the last camping trip that I really missed camp cooking, so decided to take the weekend off of the diet and live like a normal person.

Skip and Alexis were coming for dinner on Saturday night and the meal was totally campfire cooked. Baked potatoes and corn on the cob in the fire and fire grilled steak. I've cooked corn in the fire below but left all the husks on, and didn't much like the flavor. So this time I shucked the corn, rubbed it with butter and then wrapped it with some of the nicer corn husks and then foil and put in the fire.

I've had these "Grill Buddies", slotted aluminum for a few years just waiting for the right time to use them, and it worked quite well.

We also met up with some old friends, Wendell and Julie Johnson that live on Camano Island now, and they had smores with us on Saturday night. I was too busy catching up on old friends and memories to take any pictures.
We also visited our old "boss" and neighbor from Marysville, Jack Garmon and his wife Verlee. It's always good to see them and catch up even more. We miss Jack very much here at work.
We even managed to get a little shopping time in. I got a few craft items and we followed up on a sale and Dave got a new Toshiba laptop. While Dave was out chasing that down Sunday morning I was lounging in my comfy snuggly bed.
I know it's late in the season, but i'm really hoping we can get a few more camping trips in.


Our Blogs said...

WOW - how very cool and exciting. This looks outstanding. Just seeing the outdoors, and being able to stand out 'in' them, without sweating your booty off ... how nice.

And, it even looks like real dirt / soil there. Oh, man, that is cool. Thanks for sharing.

And hopefully you get to head back out again soon, and show us some more NW pictures.


InkyFingers said...

We're going to Camano State Park this coming weekend, so I should get some more pics, and will get a picture of that storage area. The table that is connected to the side in one picture, hooks right under Dave's side. You can see the metal strip. Don't think we'll be using it inside much though. I prefer to be out in "it".