Monday, November 17, 2008


Our first full day with Christy and family, we headed out and these sandhill cranes were in the neighbors yard. Chisty had told me about them and I heard them in the morning but couldn't see them from my vantage point of the bedroom window. They have a quite distinctive call, and they are huge! If they were standing in front of you, their heads would probably come up to your chest. Then we headed for the Webster Flea market about 50 miles away. They have them every Monday throughout the year and it is by far the largest flea market you've ever seen. This was our one big find. A Quimper/France pitcher in perfect condition. The seller knew that it was an antique but didn't have a clue to it's value. The only reason that I know about it is that Mom used to collect them and had probably the largest selection of anyone on the west coast if not farther. She ended up selling the collection to a dealer at a great loss because she had to buy a new car. The original price for this piece was $65 and that was actually a good price, and she offered it to us for $40. I passed it up because I didn't want to think of packing it to come home and something happening to it. But when we went back on the way out I stopped by and got it for $35.

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