Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Bye Rainer

It was an uneventful (yet very expensive) trip to the airport. Check in went quite smooth. We had a little wait for our flight, but I'd rather have it that way than to be rushed and worried that you miss your flight.
The Cascades were unbelievably breath taking as usual. I don't think I will ever get used to seeing them.

Dave did all the photography from home to Denver. I will post more of the trip from Denver to Tampa in the morning. There was lots of room on that leg of the trip and it was just Dave and I in the three seats, so we could spread out and relax. I thought it was going to be a non stop flight, but didn't know that they were stopping in Denver. At least we didn't have to change planes anyway.
After some agitation from a nasty flight attendant that said she had been doing this since 1962, we safely landed in Tampa. Had a terrible time getting a shuttle to the hotel and by the time they finally got there Dave made me promise to keep my mouth shut. I was so mad I could have spit nails! The guy at the hotel told us to go to the wrong place and when they didn't show up I tried calling the hotel again and they wouldn't answer the stinkin phone! Well, so much for that, it's history now. Transportation seems to be my undoing today, but at last not the flight part of it.
Tomorrow Christy and Al will pick us up and we will be going to the gulf to play in the white sands. They've had a heat wave here for several days, being in the upper 80's, but we brought the cooler weather with us. But don't worry, it's still 76!

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