Friday, September 5, 2008

More Playground

I didn't even check my email this morning before going outside because I knew that I would get locked in to the desk and wouldn't find time to work outside, so this is what I did this morning, then came in and started in on the office work and now taking a short lunch break.

The sedums that I planted have survived the neighborhood kids other than one getting pulled up, but it was an easy fix, so I wanted to add some color with these little mums.
Marjie's ice plants are surviving and I can't wait until next year when they start taking over the border.
I planted my daylilies out here and some mums that I brought over from Snohomish.
Our big project today was taking out some trees. The playground has not been a real positive place for the kids to play with the trees blocking the view, so we wacked them down this morning. I think it looks so good being opened up.

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