Saturday, September 27, 2008

Australian Flax

I made another trip to Auburn Park yesterday. I really should take pictures of their gardens because that is the real piece of art! But I am working on this one, and have visions of grandeur when I look at magazines of perennial gardens. But this flax is defiantely grand! We started by digging up small plants; sedums... lots of them, some daylillies and various others. Then we went out front and Steve dug up this huge gorgeous Flax. Marjie and Steve were discussing weather it was New Zealand or Australian, but whichever it is it is really pretty, has a purplish spear and is probably 4 feet tall. There is also a giant Autumn Joy in full bloom that I brought home, and all I have to say is everyone in Auburn that I passed on the road knew what I was doing. The Autumn Joy which is not much different in size from the flax was buried somewhere under the flax that was sticking out the back window. I called Dave and had him meet me at the entrance to unload and of course all he could see was the dirt in the car. Hey.... we have a vaccuum!Behind where the flax is now, we had cut down one of those cedar trees to expose the playground, so this kind of makes up for that without hiding the playground. If I manage to get the Autumn Joy staked up today I will post it, but it took a pretty good beating on the way home. No loss though really because I took all the little (or not so little) stems that broke and replanted them and they will become their own plants next year.

It's off to Mount Vernon today, but I hope to get back to my cardmaking this weekend. I got some new stamps this week from Michael's on coupons! The only way to shop!

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