Monday, June 2, 2008


I love the spring and the flowers. I don't know about mowing three times a week, but it looks pretty anyway. My fledgling plans are starting to grow nicely. I got a killer of a deal at Home Depot today. I went over there to get a gift card for my Kudo's Corner winner and found these huge hydrangea's, about three feet tall for only $3.33. Of course, I didn't have room for even one in my yard, and just couldn't justify buying more flowers for the park, but I still managed to get three of them. I planted one in the new bed that I started that I made this year... well, actually an extension of an old one. It's mostly just fabric and mulch covered lawn with pots sitting on it. I moved a red japanese maple over from the front of the house, and the rest is in pots, but now it has an hydrangea. Put another one in the bed next to the stairs and don't know where I'll put the other, but know I'll find just the right place for it. Here's a few of my flowers.

The last one is where I planted the hydrangea (this was taken before hydrangea). There was a small one just in front of the office, and another one where the white lilac is. I had taken out an ugly old bush and replaced it with the lilac, and also dug up some ugly shrub in front of the office. The little Japanese maple moved very well, you could never have known it was disturbed at all. It was sitting in front of a electrical transformer box and PUD told me that if they had to get in to the box they would just cut down the tree, so figured it had better be moved, and I think it's the best thing that's happened to it in a long while.
I have lots of pretty geraniums in the front that will be blooming soon. Another killer deal, but from Freddies - 33 cents each for the starts! They've well over trippled now in size. My petunias are getting bigger every day, and things are really filling in nicely. The entrance is starting to fill out with the blue lobelia, white petunia's and red snapdraggons. I lost a lot of the snaps before they were actually planted, but I saved a lot of money on that project this year by buying early and transplanting the little starts and fertilized until the weather was acceptable. Tomorow if it's not raining too hard I will go out and take some progress pics of it.

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