Saturday, January 12, 2008

Oh my

I got carried away scrapping tonight and here it is 3:45 am. Okay, so I quit scrapping a while ago and then had to unwind. Then had to wait until the fire burned down some so I could relax.

Christmas is over. Walter had a good time opening his gifts.... with a little help from a friend.
Our weather stinks! It's been raining and cold and threatens to snow but then nothing happens. Since going to Florida I can hardly tolerate our rain. I think if it wasn't so dang wet in this park it wouldn't be half bad, but there are underground streams that run through here year round, so in the winter it just helps to raise the water table to unbelievable levels.
One really good thing is that the park is full now! No more vacancies! I even went out and took the sign down at the entrance. Now if I could just sell #25 everything would be great!

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