Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Ventures

I've really neglected this blog, but thought I would start posting again as I venture further in to creating again.  I will still be doing some card making, but I have to say that it has taken a back seat to other things lately.

I've been enjoying my embroidery machine but have been somewhat limited with what I could create with the 4" x 4" hoop.  So, now after two years of playing with this one, we made a investment in a larger more flexible machine, with a 5"x7" and 7"x12" hoop, and many other sewing/quilting features.  It has opened up a whole new world of creating. All of my collection of embroidery patterns are for the smaller hoop, so it will take a while to be able to utilize the larger hoop patterns.  Here are a couple newer patterns that I just got for the 5"x7" hoop.

This is a steampunk choker that I made for one of my granddaughters. There will be a key hanging in the middle.
 This is a headband on a thin fabric covered band.
I made a baby headband as a gift a couple weeks ago, and showed it to some friends, and they asked me to make a few more for them.  This got me to thinking about resurrecting my old "Bow Dazzled" business,  Here are a couple more that I have put together over the last couple days.

I haven't worked out all the details of my new business yet, but it will include more than just hair accessories as I incorporate more embroidered items. I don't know yet what my outlet will be for them, whether ebay, etsy, or some other internet source. I will periodically post pictures here and if anyone is interested you can contact me. I will be doing a lot of the embroidered snowflakes and ornament covers that everybody loved last year.  I will be selling the headbands for between $7 and $15.  I will post pictures and prices for the Christmas ornaments as I completed them.

This is something that I really love doing, and hoping that it is something that can take us in to retirement in a few years.

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