Sunday, August 31, 2014


I thought that this little stand would be a good way to photograph my chokers, but it didn't work so well.  These are all chokers and go directly around the neck, not as they are represented by the stand.  Guess I have to break down and buy the bigger one :).

The Raven
I have made this one before, but didn't add the beads before.

What do cobwebs and crosses have in common?  I have no idea, but it makes a pretty choker, and just in time for Halloween!

The Corset
Named for the front closure which is hard to see here.  It is joined with woven ribbon in the front.
Battenburg Lace
I saved the best for last.  I really like this one.  This will be a one of a kind.  I can do the base necklace again, but the attached chain is repurposed so cannot be duplicated exactly. I love the metal charm with the butterfly and flowers.
Getting close to opening the Etsy store.  Working out the details and building stock, and maybe even a surprise development. Stay tuned......


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