Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Mo Manning stamps

It's been a pretty good week.  Finally got the clean-up done in the park from the ice and snow and all the trees that came down.  The home we've been working on to sell is almost ready, and I had a busy week in the office.  But now it's Saturday and time to play!  I put these in order of which ones I liked best.  I really like the way that "Sorry" came out.  I've never tried to do red hair and was just experimenting with colors, but I like it, and I like the way the dress looks, and the flowers.  I think the gentleness of the pattern paper lends itself well to the stamp. 
 I like my little teacup fairy, she was actually pretty easy to color.  The punch used on the bottom is one I just bought today at JoAnn's on sale. 
 I like the way the coloring turned out on the stamp, but the card itself is just about too plain for me, but I will leave it.  I love the shimmery pink ribbon that I bought a couple weeks ago at Jo's. 

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