Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Lucy and other not-so-fun stuff

We've all had some trying days lately.  On Tuesday we were to attend a memorial service for a dear dear lady who went to be with the Creator a few days before.  It was a truley beautiful service.  I didn't think we were going to make it because this was the first day of our first subsantial snowfall for the year.  I do not do well.... ok, I don't do... driving on snow.  But Dave was his usual, just-do-it self and got us there.  Was so glad that we were able to go.

The next couple days were really horrible.  We got an ice storm like I have never seen in Washington, and I've been here all my life.  I had to go out in it a couple times and if you weren't wearing a hat (which I never do), it pelted your head like little needles.  Everything turned to sheer ice. Our car had a layer of ice over every inch of it.   From the beggining of the snow this year I was not seeing any beauty in it at all.  I felt like the grinch that stole winter beauty.  Then when our power went off, it turned not appreciating to real ..... well, I was not a happy camper.  Especially when Dave tried to fire up the very expensive little Honda generator we picked up a couple years ago and have used less than a handful of times, and it wouldn't start!  The first day I did a little stamping... or tried to.... but the lighting just wasn't good enough to do anything of quality.  Our power was out for two days, and I swear I nearly froze to death.  The only time I was remotely warm was when I was in bed.  We really didn't even have the option of leaving for warmer parts (people who actually had power), because I felt like it would have been like the captain of the luxury liner that went down and he abandoned it.  With all the trees snapping and giant branches falling I just didn't feel it was right to walk away.

 We have already had to replace this fence three times, twice from trees falling on it.
 There was a whole row of these large 30' to 40' arborvitea's that were toppled

Tomorow starts the clean up, and oh what fun that is going to be!  Dave will surely earn his salary this week.  But as I had feared would never happen, our power came back on, and I am sitting in a nice warm house now.  There are at this writing still 15,000 homes without power in our city, so not everyone is as fortunate.

I did get back to my stamping today after church.  I had bought this digital stamp before the power went out but was never able to work it until today.  I really like the way it all turned out. 

I didn't really know what background paper I was going to use when I started but I think this DCWV paper went really well with her.  The stamp is by C.C. Designs and I bought it at . I have other rubber stamps by the same company, and now three digitals. 

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