Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Poor Blog

Oh my, I have ignored this blog for so long.  I wonder if anybody even knows?  Since coming back from our trip to South Africa I have not really had much inspiration to get back into the craft room.  I have done little bits here and there but nothing serious.  I did teach a mini class for my church's women's group make a little mini tag book.  Here are some of the results.  These are from women who have never done paper crafts.  I think they did great!

I think that everybody had a fun time and had a little something to take home. 

What else have I been doing?  Working, gardening and even getting a little camping in now. 

 Alder Dam near Elbe Washington.  We were camped on the same lake on the other side.
We even managed to catch a baseball game with some friends from church.  As is usual for our trips to see the Mariners, they didn't win... but it's not all winning that counts, it's the fun you have getting there!

A few shots of the family just before we headed for the airport in Johanasburg.  I have so many wonderful memories of the trip and will be sharing some of the pictures real soon. 

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Good to see you back. I do love to pop by your blog from time to time so rest assrued you have been missed.... Cool project and awesome photos of your family. My blog suffers from craftness for almost a year but, thats life I guess.