Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cactus Eva

I bought this catctus last year in full bloom, brought it home and immediately all the blossoms shriveled up and fell off. I was so dissappointed. I put it outside this summer and pretty well ignored it except to give it water with the rest of the pots on my deck. I brought it in a couple weeks ago for fear of it being touched by frost and it had a few buds on it. I really expected them to die, but it didn't! However, it used to be lavender. There is a shoot coming out of the top that looks like it is going to be white so I'm thinking that somehow the germination that made it lavender didn't work. But that's okay, because I'm thrilled just to have it bloom.

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ljlovesart said...

If you put it out in the summer it will bloom about now. If you never put it out it will bloom around Christmas time.
I put mine out in the summer too.
No room for it at Christmas with my small house.