Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Traditions Old and New

It occured to me when looking at Marjie and Steve's Christmas tree, that I have very few "traditional" decorations for our tree. Probably because went have gone through different "theme" trees. When Dave and I got married, he wanted a blue and silver tree. So it was that for several years until the kids all said... "we want some other colors!." So we had multi colored trees for a while. Then when we lived in Lake Stevens and my house was entirely burgandy and white, I had to have a burgandy, white and gold tree. It was really beautiful. But now I am back to the traditional multi-colored tree. So why I am talking about trees, when I don't have a picture of our tree here? Well, that will come later.

Our boss and owner of our communities sends flowers every year to his managers. I was so surprised the first year, and still think that it is such a wonderful and thoughtful tradition. It is so much fun to answer the door and have flowers waiting for you! Aside from Carla's snowman and snowwoman and Mr. & Mrs. Santa, this is the only other item that I have been able to hang on to over the years. Christy made this I think in the third grade at Machias Christian School. It has a few stains from storage on it, but I really cherish it.

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