Saturday, April 14, 2012

Organdy Flowers

This was so much fun! We were at Walmart yesterday and I saw this cute organdy fabric with silver flecks.  I thought that it would work well for the rolled fabric flowers, so I bought 1/4 yard and went home and made one.  I went back today and bought a quarter of a yard of each color.  I also bought a tuele type fabric with specks too.  I started making the little round ones that you burn the edges on.  Then I thought about how pretty it would be if it was actual petals.  So I experimented by cutting 5 slits around and then burning each one with a bic candle lighter.  You have to be pretty quick or you will melt the whole thing.  the really cool thing about it is that each one is different.  They kind of take on their own personality.  Then I started mixing the colors.  I love the turquoise and white one.  There red and black has twice as many layers as the others.  I put green leaves (burned) on a couple of them.  I have to work with that style  little bit to perfect it. The tuele did not work well for burning, so I cut a flower shape on the Vagabond and layered it on one of the pink flowers.   Each seperate color cost me just $1.11, and I can get a ton of flowers out of that, so these are pretty cheap flowers. Besides the fun that I had making them.  Now I just have to design some cards for them to go on.

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