Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Update

Panda is settling in with his favorite things.  My shoes and his squeaky duck from his former momma.  His hair is growing by leaps and bounds.  I wish that those leaps and bounds also applied to his potty training!  Just when I think we've made a breakthrough, he makes a liar out of me.  He is adorable and we love him to pieces.

For my stamping friends, I've been pretty lax lately.  I did do one mini album for a baby shower, but not much else.  I got the Card Magazine in the mail yesterday and went in to my craft room to try out a new technique, but had to clean my desk from the last project first.  Still haven't done the new technique.

For my gardening friends, I have definately been busy watering and keeping up with summer projects.  This is the first time that I've been real happy with this section.  The lobelia grew just as I hoped they would and the petunia's are very pretty.  The white snapdragons got quite a big taller than what I would prefer, but I went out early this week and staked them with the grid that I had used on the pea plants.  BTW... pea plants pooped out.  Yesterday Marjie (Auburn Park manager) helped me to mulch my new flower bed on the side of the house.  It looks real pretty now, will take a picture and post later.

I'm loving this wonderful weather we are having.  Haven't done any camping yet this year.  The new car doesn't have a trailer hitch yet, and too spoiled to use the Jimmy now.  Hoping we can get a hinge before summer is over.  I would like to go visit our friends on Camano Island and maybe do some crafting with the girls when we're there. I miss the old Machias friends, we've all kind of gone different directions.

On the home front, we've been enjoying our new church family.  It's been several months that we've been attending this church, but it still feels new.  It's a very young church, led by a pastor and group of people from Mississippi.  Having grown up here, it is still amazing to me that someone from the deep south would be called to come here and build a church.  However, seeing how few truely Godly churches there are in Auburn, I shouldn't be surprised.  Next week we will be looking in to joining the church's membership rolls.

We've been spending a good part of our weekends at a Park in Auburn.  The one thing that Auburn does have is a great parks dept.  I think there are more parks than there are churches, even the liberal ones.  For the last two weeks, Skip and Alexis have joined us there, and this week it will be Skip, Alexis and the grandsons, including Colin!  I am very excited, as I haven't seen him since he was an infant and I had the privledge to call his adoptive mother and tell her that she had a new son.

Hopefully I will have some new cards to post soon.  With Relay for Life over and the 100+ cards done and a good portion already sold, I am looking to Christmas Card making again.  I have a few done with 100 or so left to do.

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