Sunday, June 20, 2010


My first finished creation with my new Copics markers.  For my non-paper crafting friends, Copics are the best thing that ever happened to someone like me that really struggled with coloring in my stamps.  For my paper crafting friends, bear with me, I know they aren't perfect, but I'm learning.  I tried a few different blending techniques on these cards.  I signed up yesterday for a class but it doesn't happen until August.  So in the meantime I just struggle through with Utube videos and hints from friends on how to best use these babies. 

I've been thinking a long time about getting these markers because they are a good size investment, so I wanted to make sure that they were something that I would actually use and not just put in a drawer.  I started looking on ebay and craigslist and just happened across a guy that was selling 20 markers and he said 'make an offer.'  So I made an offer of $40 (there were 20 of them), thinking that he would counter-offer.  But he didn't!  I was totally shocked.  This is actually $140 worth of markers.  Now you see why I thought long and hard before decided to jump in to this.  There are three styles of these basic alcohol ink markers; Originals that are square, Sketch that are oval and Ciao which are smaller and round.  I am supplementing my original 20 with the Sketch markers now.  The Originals are not as popular as the other two, but are very nice to work with and have a chisel tip and a hard pointed tip (I forget what they all that).  There are 323 colors in all and I hope eventually to have them all.  There is also a new "Wide" copic, but I doubt that most card makers would use this as it makes a one inch swath.

Now I have to re-think my stamp purchases.  I have always bought stamps that don't have to be colored in because I am so bad at it.  The coloring comes from the miriad of stamp pads that I have.  A lot of my Christmas stamps involve coloring so I will have a lot of fun this year.

Oh yes, the border is done with my other new passion... border punches.  I love the designs of the EK Success punches and some of Martha's.

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