Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Finally back to the table

After a short rest... yeah right! I am back with ink in hand. The first one with the orchid flower is a random stamped sheet with Delight in Everything. I actually stamped five pages of it to cover the drawing box for the Kla Ha Ya Days booth. It rained all weekend, and loosened my adhesive, but I took advantage of that and removed it from the box and now using it for other purposes. I got the idea for the gift bag from my partner in Kla Ha Ya Days, Leslie Ann. The phrase stamp on the bag and the gift card is from Kindred Spirits.

Again... (how many times will I say this) I love the Floral Tapestry papers. Some cards that I made from it from the Card Confidence Program. Stamps are For Every Occasion and Simple Stitches.

Okay, so the placement is off with the pictures I think, but you get the idea.

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